Unplan the Planned

Finally praise the lord I have found wifi! So there has been quite a change of plan from what I had intentionally planned as I received word that my friend would be biking up in Scotland, therefore I thought I may as well have a little taster before I leave the UK.

So we have pitched up camp at Glen Coe in a remote cabin and the rest of the day has been hiking and biking in the surrounding area. This is the first time I’ve ever been up to Scotland and I honestly can’t put into words how breathtakingly beautiful it is, it puts your life into perspective when gazing upon the sheer power and beauty of nature.

I met up with my friend around midday and we engaged in a couple of hours biking and having to stop every so often for her to catch up has made me thankful that I am indeed going to be travelling alone!

At around 3pm we came across fellow backpackers / bikers / kilt wearing madmen! If you can imagine this bizarre sight, a few men wearing kilts, singing for everyone to enjoy playing as though in front of an audience, serenading us as we tried to pass until we were lightly forced to join in, leaving on the promise we will receive free concert tickets if they ever made it big.

The only was I can describe that moment was something like the Design Argument with the watch in the desert, seemingly random and unexpected yet also seems to have a purpose.

The weather is most unsatisfactory yet being inside a cosy cabin with the fire on, I mustn’t complain. The evening has mostly been taken up by reminiscing old times, eating, attempting to get a tv signal and attempting to plan the next step of my journey. I wish to stay around Scotland for a couple more days to get in the swing of things and to enjoy the beauty which is on my doorstep.


I have to be up early as requested by my partner in crime, therefore a goods night sleep is in order, if your reading this I thank you and hope I’ve not bored you to death. it may be a while before I post again so stay weird and crazy! x


The Pursuit of Happiness

Setting off across the world on your own can be daunting enough without the parents going over the potential dangers and risks with a fine tooth comb, but that’s part of life and its excitement right?

The date is Monday 9th September 2013, my multiple backpacks eagerly waiting for me at the foot of my bed while I sit here and write this instead of getting ready, despite the desperate pleas of my mother.

Travelling all over the world has been a childhood dream of mine and tomorrow this will become reality. All my friends believed getting married and starting families would be their means of escape to freedom and happiness. I am wild and free in a different sense, which can only be tamed by the power of nature and aloneness.

I plan a 6 month excursion across Europe and beyond. My plan is simply that I have no plan and I will travel to wherever fate takes me, as cliqued as this may sound. As this is my first time backpacking alone I will start off in Rome and more commercialised places to get a feel of things and get in the swing of it. I eventually plan to travel to remote parts of Asia, Argentina, outback American and its dawning on me that I will be away for longer than 6 months.

There is one main reason for this trip and that’s to find myself and who I am. Growing up I have always been happier with my own company yet still never finding that happiness.

As Liberty Hyde Bailey said “When the traveller goes alone he gets acquainted with himself”

Watching numerous films about backpacking and the sheer beauty and bleak wilderness I have always felt oddly drawn to this, and here I am now.

Until next time! x